Directory Listings Manager Terms of Service

No Refunds, No Automatic Renewals
There are no refunds for fees paid for the Directory Listings Manager directory posting service. Subscribers will be able to make any required changes by contacting Productive I.T., L.L.C. by phone or email. Because of our need to ensure updated and accurate records for these listings, there will be no automatic renewal of the listing. You will receive notices to the email listed on your account of the need for renewal.

No Guaranteed Placements
Subscribers to Directory Listings Manager directory posting service understand that we make no guarantees about placements or positioning with the third party directories to whom we provide the data. We make every effort to ensure these directories use the data in accordance with our policies and that they publish any changes that are made by the users. However, we cannot guarantee this nor any time frame associated with posting or corrections or deletions. We are happy to respond to questions or concerns about this via mail or email.

The Directory Listings Manager product is a Directory Industry service that allows businesses to post their business listing once and have it posted to all major Online Yellow Pages, Search Engines, 411 Directories and other vertical industry Directories. The Directory Listings Manager product is a service of Productive I.T., L.L.C.

Directory Listings Manager
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