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New for Productive CMS: Image Editing

Posted by on Thursday, May 02, 2013

We have recently released a new feature in Productive CMS that allows for easier uploading of images for your website. You no longer have to edit the images before bringing them into the website, but can simply drag and drop the image into the Text and Image editor. You can manipulate the image quickly by using the built in standard sizing options, or by using your own custom image size. You can even crop your images within the editor. Learn more about this new feature by clicking here.


Productive CMS Improved Link Interface

Posted by on Tuesday, April 03, 2012

We recently improved the Productive CMS link interface in all areas of the platform including the most popular “text and image” areas. You will notice that the pages are now grouped together and indented if they are in folders. You will also see that an anchor icon appears to the right of a page that has anchors on them. Here are a few tips about using the new link interface when choosing either internal or external links:

  • To add an internal link, simply highlight either the words or image you would like to be linked. Then click the “Link” area box at the top of the “Text and Image Properties” box. Once you click in the link box, a drop down list of all pages within your website will appear. Simply choose the page with your cursor and then click the green arrow to “set” the link.

    CMS Link Interface
  • If you would like to choose an external link option instead, click in the “Link” area box (do not move your cursor to the internal pages or you will need to start over). You will see your cursor blinking in the box. Once your cursor is blinking in the box, simply type in the URL of the external link (example: www.weather.com). Then click on the green arrow to “set” the link. 

Here are some examples for different link types you might see in the Link box:

Productive CMS Link Examples


New Feature! Productive Sites now offers Facebook Tabs

Posted by Production Productive IT on Monday, July 18, 2011

Productive Sites

With over 750 million users — and counting — Facebook has become on of the most accessible social networks for small to medium-sized businesses seeking to engage their audiences online. This makes having a professional and well-designed Facebook page for your business more important than ever to attract both new and existing customers.

In an effort to address this new trend, we are extremely excited to announce the release our new Facebook tab application, which makes creating your own custom Facebook Page tab easier than ever! Using the new page layout option (see below), you now have access to the same ease of editing on your custom Facebook Page tab as you do on your Producive Sites website.

By adding a custom tab to your Facebook Page, you can add any content, including image galleries and powerful applications like the Appointment Scheduler via your website. Keep the design of your Facebook Page tab consistent with your web site design or use a Facebook-like color theme.

CMS New Page

With all of the features of Productive Sites at your disposal you can choose to create endless possibilities for your Facebook Page!

The new Facebook layout is currently available for select designs.* To get access to this feature, all you have to do is to re-apply your current design by going to Control Panel > Change Design and clicking Apply. Then. the next time you create a new page or open the Page Options, you will see the Facebook layout option.

For more information and guidance on how this new feature works, please visit out Support Tutorials page or call us at 334-356-3561.


New Productive Sites Design: Atlas!

Posted by Hanan Wilson on Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Productive Sites

The team here at Productive I.T. is proud to present the latest addition to our design library: Atlas.

Featuring a much-requested, trendy page layout where the header, navigation and footer span the
entire browser width, Atlas comes in 8 distinctive color themes. Each theme comes with a brand
new page header image that is perfect for text-photo combination and supports our new Page
Image Slideshow feature.

Atlas Design Green

Atlas Design Navy

Atlas Design Red


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